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At Work

Getting involved with Skcin can help your company by...

  • Creating a positive brand association that can help enhance your company’s image.
  • Motivating staff to become involved in team fundraising events.
  • Setting you apart from your competitors.
  • Showing a demonstrable commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • Creating opportunities to reach new markets.

Corporate partnerships are a core part of our funding strategy at Skcin and as such, we work very closely with companies to ensure we have a two way relationship and are attentive to your needs as a commercial enterprise. 

Corporate donations/support can be given in a number of ways...

One-off Donations

These are very much appreciated and help significantly towards us continuing our work to raise awareness of the dangers of over exposure to UV, sun safety and the early detection of skin cancers and ultimately help us save lives.

Companies can benefit from the Gift Aid Scheme and receive tax relief on any donation made to Skcin by deducting the amount of the donation from profits prior to calculating corporate tax at the end of the financial year.

Charity of the Year

Working with Skcin as your Charity of the Year will bring a positive impact to your company and encourage a sense of unity amongst your workforce and giving them a chance to work together on something outside of their daily routine and create a culture of cooperative working across departments and teams. Skcin can offer support and help to ensure any fundraising activities are a success.

Gifts in Kind

Other ways to help out the charity include donating shares; this is an attractive proposition for companies as individuals who give shares to charity are entitled to claim back full tax relief against the value of those shares.

Tax relief is available to UK taxpayers donating shares and securities listed on the UK Stock Market, the Alternative Investment Market, and recognised stock exchanges overseas. It is also available for units in a UK unit trust, shares in a UK open-ended investment company (OEIC), and some similar foreign investments.

It is not just monetary donations that help us, donating gifts that can be used as raffle or auction prizes at charity events is a fantastic way of making a contribution and can really boost our fundraising efforts.

Staff Fundraising

Fundraising gives staff common goals, a sense of shared pride and increases team spirit. Events can be anything from a staff dress down day to a corporate golf event, dinner, or an auction. These are fantastic ways of getting staff involved.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving, or Give As You Earn (GAYE) is a very simple scheme that allows you to give to Skcin directly from your salary. It is tax-efficient because donations are deducted from your gross pay.

If your employer offers payroll giving you simply authorise them to deduct regular charitable donations from your pay. Your employer then pays these donations to a payroll giving agency approved by HM Revenue & Customs. The agency then distributes the money to Skcin.  The agreed donation is deducted from your pay before you pay tax, which means that tax relief is included in your donation at your top rate of tax.

For example, if you decide to donate £10, only £8 comes out of your salary and the rest is paid by the tax man.

Payroll giving helps Skcin to keep our administration costs down meaning we can make the very best use of your donation.  To set up, ask your employer's payroll department. If they do not offer a scheme why not suggest that they start one? It's easy and inexpensive to run. They can find out more by visiting www.hmrc.gov.uk/payrollgiving

Cause Related Marketing

Research shows that these days, few companies can afford not to implement a cause-related marketing (CRM) campaign

Cause related marketing initiatives tie a company and charity together to drive sales and market an image, product or service.

The benefits:

  • Increased perception of the ‘value for money’ of your brand
  • Positive PR opportunities
  • Positive association with a dynamic national charity brand
  • Drive customer footfall into your store/online with an innovative campaign
  • Build trust and loyalty of your brand
  • Strengthen your brand awareness with a key point of differentiation
  • Generate revenue and a sales uplift
  • The chance to make a tangible difference and really save lives from a cancer that is largely preventable