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Our Sun Safe Schools accreditation scheme - educating
our future generations on the importance of sun safety...

Skcin in partnership with Virgin Holidays to promote sun safety
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Sun Safe Workplaces, our accreditation scheme - educating
outdoor workers and employers on sun safety in the workplace...


Skcin in partnership with AXA PPP Healthcare
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Sun Safe Nurseries, our national accreditation scheme is
for pre-school settings to introduce sun safety education...


Skcin have delivered many national awareness campaigns
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Skcin are lead member of political lobby group Skin Cancer UK
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Sun Safe Schools is the first and only accreditation scheme of its kind to launch in the UK with the key objective to prevent skin cancer through education. Sun Safe Schools is a national, annual accreditation scheme developed by Skcin to educate children on the importance of sun safety. The scheme also assists primary schools in implementing a suitable sun safe policy and promoting the reinforcement of sun safety at home. Sun Safe Schools is a FREE on-line tool available to all primary schools, giving them access to a comprehensive range of fun and engaging, curriculum linked teaching resources for both key stage 1 and key stage 2 pupils.

Children spend almost half their childhood at school, with approximately 8 hours per week spent outdoors. During the hotter months of the year children are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, the majority of which is when UV penetration is at its strongest. Without adequate protection, a child's delicate skin can burn within minutes, causing irreparable damage. This can significantly
increase their risk of developing skin cancer in later life.

Implementing a Sun Safe policy will ensure that schools are adequately equipped to protect the children in their care from over-exposure to UV during schools hours and through education can
help evoke a culture change and shift in attitude towards sun safety that will help reverse the soaring rates of skin cancer for our future generations and those to come.


Primary schools and pre-school settings
have signed up to the Sun Safe Schools
accreditation scheme


Testimonial video from Mr. Leigh, Head Teacher at Shelton Primary School in Derbyshire following the implementation of the Sun Safe Schools National Accreditation scheme. Shelton Primary School are one of 200 primary schools across Derbyshire and East Staffordshire who signed up to the scheme under the Colin Bloomfield Melanoma Appeal in 2015. The appeal which was facilitated by Skcin on behalf of BBC Radio Derby was a huge success raising funds for additional bespoke resources such as sunscreen and dispensers for every class.


Parents can help get their primary
school on board by informing their
child's school of the scheme.
Simply download the information
below and hand it in to your school.

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Sun Safe Schools

How does the scheme work
and what is involved?

The accreditation scheme requires schools to undertake an interactive 4 step process, providing feedback / evidence that each step has been completed prior to certification. Upon registration each school is sent a FREE package from the charity containing the required number of Sun Safety and Skin Cancer information booklets, Sun Safe Superstar stickers for each child and a copy of 'George the Sun Safe Superstar' book for their library. The 4 step, on-line guide then requires schools to complete the following 4 step process, with everything the school needs to complete each step provided FREE to download from the website:

This step requires schools to send a letter home to each parent with a copy of the Sun Safety and Skin Cancer booklet. This letter tells parents about the scheme, why it is so important, what parents should do to assist the school in ensuring their child is protected against UV during school hours and how they can help reinforce sun safe practices at home. The school is also required to make a pledge that they provide a suitable number of spare sun hats and sunscreen as ensuring all members of staff acknowledge their responsibility to be active role models.

It is advisable that all schools provide a shaded area for children to play under or use during appropriate outdoor activities on particularly sunny days. Whilst providing shade is preferable, it is not essential in order to gain a Sun Safe School Status. However, if a school does not already have an appropriate shaded area, Sun Safe Schools requires the school to make a pledge that they will investigate the funding a purchase of a suitable solution.

Each school is required to old an introductory assembly plan to introduce the scheme and key sun safe messages to the children, informing them how they are all going to work towards becoming Sun Safe Superstars and gain the official accreditation of becoming a Sun Safe School.

Each class must then undertake a question and answer, discussion based, Sun Safe lesson plan. Again this resource is provided FREE and involves reading the rhyming and illustrated book 'George the Sun Safe Superstar', followed by a class discussion based on the key sun safe messaging learnt throughout the story. This book has been written by Skcin for primary school aged children, to teach them all about sun safety in a fun and engaging way, and has proved to be hugely popular. Each child must then complete a series of fun activity work sheets that have been specifically designed to reinforce the key sun safe messages the children have learnt throughout the scheme. Upon completion each child is then presented with a 'I'm a Sun Safe Superstar' sticker in celebration of their achievement.

Once these steps have been completed and the school has provided evidence and feedback via the on-line step-by-step guide, the school must submit their Sun Safe policy and will become an official Sun Safe School - they can then download their certificate and logo for use on school literature.

In addition to all of the above, schools also have access to an extensive range of curriculum linked lesson plans, activities and additional resources that can be downloaded and used at will.

How does the scheme ensure longevity?
The Sun Safe Schools scheme is an annual accreditation - each school is sent reminders 1 month prior to their renewal date and then guided through the simple steps required to renew their accreditation. This ensures that schools are committed to implementing sun safety each year, that all messaging is continually reinforced to children at the school and that the scheme and teaching are introduced to newcomers.

For further information about the Sun Safe Schools scheme or for school's to register, please visit the website at

To find out more about our sister scheme - Sun Safe Nurseries for pre-school settings please click here, or visit the website at:

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Curtain call for George the
Sun Safe Superstar!

George the Sun Safe Superstar is bought to life in this wonderful animated version of the book, voiced by celebrity Jenny Frost in association with AXA PPP Healthcare.

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Celebrity Doctor Chris Steele,
Patron of charity 'Skcin'
endorses the Sun Safe Schools
Accreditation Scheme.

“Sun Safe Schools is a totally unique sun awareness scheme that's dedicated to preventing skin cancer through
education. It is the UK's first and only initiative of it's kind that offers primary schools the most comprehensive range of free resources and guidance in achieving a physical and tangible status that they can be proud of.”


•GP and Resident doctor, ITV's This Morning (24 yrs)
•Health Journalist of the Year - 2007
•Lifetime Achievement Award, Guild of Health Writers - 2010
•National Television Awards Winner, This Morning (Daytime) - 2011 & 2013
•National Television Awards Winner, This Morning (Factual) - 2012


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